Child Life On Call: Lisa and Brady’s Story – A Mom and Son Discuss Their Past Cancer Experience

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5/14/20231 min read

Brady and his mom Lisa were guests on the Child Life On Call podcast. If you have never heard of Child Life On Call and the work they are doing make sure to check them out. Brady also serves as a Member on the Board of Advisors.

"This is about Brady. I got connected with Brady because he works for Four Diamonds, which is the recipient of the money that THON goes to. And he himself has dealt with cancer, not once but twice. And he agreed to come on the podcast with his mom. So this is an episode where I get to talk to both of them, about what Brady remembers, what Lisa remembers, how their experiences are similar, how they're different. And I'm just, I'm so honored to have them here today and for childhood cancer awareness month and continuing to spread awareness about this really, really scary, terrible disease."