Brady joins Child Life On Call Author Panel

Brady Lucas

8/18/20231 min read

Brady shared Smiley's Smile with the Child Life On Call community via a Zoom author panel. In addition to Brady, the author panel featured all Certified Child Life Specialists who are now published authors. Audience members asked questions about the writing, publishing, and marketing process of a book. Brady has been a Member of the Child Life On Call Board of Advisors since October 2022. To read more about Child Life On Call visit this link.

Katie Taylor, Founder and CEO of Child Life On Call said, "As a child life specialist, I'll be using this book with families I support. Smiley's experience losing his shell to cancer is a perfect description of how kids who go through chemotherapy feel when they lose their hair. This sweet story is a must-read for kids with cancer AND their friends who want to understand whats happening."