Guest Lecture in Dr. Doug Spotts Class

Brady Lucas

9/26/20231 min read

Brady gave a guest lecture in Dr. Doug Spotts HPA 805 Change Management class for students enrolled in the Master of Health Administration program at Penn State University. The title of his presentation was Navigating Cancer as a Childhood Cancer Thriver.

"Brady Lucas is an engaging teacher, author, speaker, and philanthropist who recently challenged my MHA students in the "Leading Change/Change Management" class as a guest lecturer to truly be transformative health and healthcare leaders. He encouraged the students to "write their own story" and unlock possibility in themselves and the teams they lead by leading lives of deep purpose and passion. He shared his own life story of resilience in navigating the healthcare system and the remarkable lessons learned along the way on his own cancer journey of healing and restoring wellness. He shared the importance of creating a change vision and building a guiding coalition/team to help lead change and bring about transformation." -Dr. Doug Spotts.